Monday, September 23, 2013

God is SO Good ~ Please Meet Phoenix!

I cannot tell you in words the extent of my emotions in the last few months.
My heart has shattered, partially mended, terrified and pulsing almost out of my chest, and overall just frustrated and exhausted with life and our journey with adoption.

Then, in a matter of seconds...
everything changed.
My heart was totally and completely FULL.
Full of L.O.V.E. 
A deep, unconditional, and effortless love.
No one knows the intensity of this feeling until they have adopted a child.

The fears of the unknown, the worry, the questions, the anxiety from the lack of any control--- somehow immediately disappeared.
For 5 years everything running through my head about adopting was finally at peace.

We had found our son. =)

We held him, looked at each other, and just smiled.
No words needed to be said.
He was ours. Most definitely. Perfect.

Our tears flowed, and we thanked God for guiding us to each other ~
and to our birthmother that wanted nothing but the best for her son despite knowing she was unable to provide it herself. I've never witnessed such selflessness on her part.

She wanted us to have the initial bond with him.
A gift she didn't have to give immediately after birth but she did for us...for me.
I will never forget that.
We will be eternally grateful to her.

We would like to officially introduce Phoenix.
We were blessed with his presence into our lives just 5 weeks ago.

Phoenix is now around 8 lbs. and doing amazing!
He is a calm tempered baby and only fusses when he is hungry or having a diaper change.
He rolled at 6 days old and has already shown us his first smiles!
He is finally enjoying bath time more and loves to snuggle.
*Who wouldn't right? Ahhhhdorable!*

Our daughter is the BEST big sister and helper to her little brother.
She reads him a book and sings him a lullaby EVERY night before bed on her own.

One day can change Everything.
Praise be to God.

Much Love Always,
Bruce & Heather