Monday, October 8, 2012

It's Fall ya'll

Fall is officially here!
Hoodies, pumpkin lattes, fall festivals...I just heart it.
Last week was when it was first noticeable,
especially seeing the leaves change color and touch the ground.
My heart is always a mix of emotions around this time of year.

I am reminded of how time is flying by,
and how I should be thankful more often for my blessings.
It seriously seems like yesterday
but it has already been 10 years.
Yep, my baby is hitting double digits...already.

This is my N 10 years ago
Barely 2 lbs, fighting to survive on a ventilator amongst dozens of other medical contraptions.
  This picture was taken by a NICU nurse and given to me after emergency surgery to close the opening in her spine.
I remember hugging this picture, because I wasn't able to hold and kiss her.
She was too fragile... too weak to risk moving.
This one makes me cry,
...because in this moment B and I as parents for the first time, were so completely in love with her.

As parents we know we have been so blessed already.
Hug your babies tight, as life passes too quickly.
N has mentioned wanting a baby sister for her birthday
and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 =)

God Love this Kid.

I continue to Pray hard every day for that miracle because it is yours and ours the same...
the movie--I can handle that one =)

Happy 10th Birthday my N
Momma and Daddy love you!