Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Keep on Truckin'

Hello my internet friends,
School is almost here again and I am still in shock about how time flies.
I heart summer so much ~ spending time with my girl is nothing more than pure joy,
well...when the eye rolling and complaining are non-existent anyway,
 (she is almost 10...comes with the territory I think).

I have thought about blogging but words could never spill out of my fingers.
How many different ways can I say ~ Nope nothing yet.
For a short time in regards to our adoption progress I was sad, then I was just pissed off, then I was like WTH?!?, and now I'm just me again.
I honestly questioned as to if anyone really would care if I just stopped blogging altogether.
I do this for myself, but I can't help but wonder...who else cares about my life and what's going on?
Everyone has their own life and their own struggles to worry about
But alas, I did get a request for a blog update so here goes (enjoy Ang)
Since my last blog in May we had been presented to two different situations we were very interested in and another waiting adoptive family was chosen, both times. GRRRR!
Our home-study had to be renewed...again. GRRRR!
Whoever says homestudies are stressful is...just...whatever.
Expensive...yes. Stressful...not so much at this point.
I'll show you real stress people.
I also was talked into by B to renew our profile book.
At first I was kind-of put off by the request. GRRRR!
I put my heart and soul into my first book---what was wrong with it? (my disgruntled, annoyed, and already emotional overwhelmed view of the adoption progress thus far was seeping through)

And then I looked at it and my baby looked like....a baby. So yes an update was in order.
Plus it was made by a much more frightened and reserved, "us" if that makes any sense.
So a refreshed, much more appealing book was made. 
B agrees too, but yet...he has to. At this point I would knock him over the head with it if he gave me any stuff about it. =)
All joking aside I'm happy with the new book. I am much more confident in myself and in the process now than I was.
I have grown in that way ~ I cannot describe it but I have.
Good idea B ~ Great idea actually although I hate to admit it ;)
Umm wasn't that my idea? No? Eh, we've been married long enough, I can claim it.

So I have to shed positive on a somewhat negative situation this has turned out to be thus far.
I just hate blogging feeling like I'm letting everyone down...mostly myself.
So, when I need a pick me up ~ I shop (works every time right?)
 I bought
Its says "Mommy Loves Me"
Daddy's Girl
Simple yet cute and so meaningful to us ~ especially me to hold in my hands.
I still smile just thinking of putting my daughter in it one day.
We haven't lost our spirit ~ We haven't lost our faith that this is God's plan for us.
No matter how many times we feel we have been knocked down in this process.

Again, my love and heartfelt thanks to those following us in this journey.
Your prayers and thoughts keep us strong
and keep us from losing our minds in the stress of the waiting
and strength to continue to jump through hoops we have to, to make our dream happen.
Until then, life goes on ~ in an upbeat fashion
because I refuse to live it any other way
Next week for the first time, everyone in this house will be going back to school.
B now has a career that he LOVES that is much more family friendly.
It has inspired him to finish school too and I could not be MORE proud!
It will be crazy, but do-able. And totally worth it in the end.
Not that I am bragging, but my family is awesome.
Really. We work. And it has to be the grace of God that it does because we are so far from perfect.
I cannot wait to grow it and see what happens next.
My love to you guys ~ you know who you are
and those that I don't know personally that think and pray for us, I love you too.