Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The last couple days I have felt every emotion there is to feel. The roller coaster is unbelievably fast and so far has had many bumps and turns along the way.

 I have felt such excitement that I thought I thought I could puke...
 and that quickly turned into tears of worry and panic
as our dream felt like it was fading out of our reach.

We received a phone call from our agency saying we were a match for a birthmother! 
A perfect match! 
The only catch....
it is more expensive than we were planning on. Agency fees and legal fees are 
more since the adoption will be out of state.

After laying on the nursery floor sobbing to my best friend about it last night,
she helped me find my perspective.
She helped guide me to my answer while my head was spinning.

We cannot walk away.
We must do everything we can do in our power to make this work.
We will sacrifice, we will work hard, and we will ultimately beg for help
to bring our son home.

We started a fund that will help us immensely!!!!!!

Everything that is donated will be used for adoption agency expenses and legal fees.

Please share with friends, family, co-workers and anyone that could help. 
We cannot say Please or Thank you enough
in this time of need.

~Bruce & Heather