Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Just a short update...
The birthmother we were interested in couldn't choose a family.
She had been holding onto the family profiles for a few days and either has had second thoughts about keeping the baby herself or didn't connect with the set of profiles she received ~ (ours being one)

We were told that we would continue our wait for another birthmother unless they hear from her otherwise.

I'm officially done with the semester and received all A's for my work.
I will be starting a summer class here shortly so I'm enjoying my freedom at the moment.
Just wanted to update you all on the progress made or lack there-of with our adoption journey.
I wish I had better news. =(
We continue to ask for prayers.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Those Who Matter, Don't Mind

My blog of emotional distress
At least that is what it feels like lately
I guess if you are reading this you don't mind 
Because, well...

Oh I do heart Dr. Seuss =)
 And I do love that you are here and obviously don't mind
because I do appreciate the support. =)))

We received a potential situation this morning.
We regretfully had to reject it.
Without disclosing private information, it was very high risk for medical issues with the baby.
Saying No, especially to those situations, is just rough.
I had this plethora of circling emotions that spilled out.
It made me question for the first time during this journey whether I would be strong enough for this.

After a bit of garage saling (is this even a word) and finding nada
and finishing up finals in 2 of my courses this afternoon
I sat down with my pooch.

I received an email.

One of the birth mother situations we were interested in a couple weeks ago found out she is indeed having a girl.
And our profile is in the mix to be shown to her next week!
I am praying.
I am happy.
I am keeping things in perspective.
I AM strong enough with Him by my side.